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Bumper Protector

Features & Benefits

Simple Installation, Save Thousands.


Bold Protection

Available in Multiple Colors.


Quick Protection, Attractive Solution

Bumper Protect Pro is made of a very high quality, durable soft vinyl with an attractive pebble textured surface to give the appearance of a natural fit. The application process is a simple PEEL & STICK method and takes only minutes to install. This product saves dealers thousands in bumper repair costs and eliminates the timely repair process. This product is available in multiple colors.

Bumper Protector

This product is available for bulk wholesale purchase by car dealerships, Rental car companies & Auto Auctions.

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Bumper Protect Pro

About Bumper Protect Pro

Bumper Protect Pro Products come in multiple styles and color options to fit almost any vehicle! Our durable peel & stick Orlando Bumper Protectors And Bumper Guards are perfect for protecting your vehicle’s rear bumper from unwanted scratches & dents past or future eliminating the need to pay for expensive touch-ups and repairs.

We support our products to the fullest, offering our wholesale partners the resources they need to move Bumper Protectors off the shelf and into their consumer’s hands. To find out more information on how to become a wholesale partner, contact us today!

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  Easy Installation

  High Quality, Durable Soft Vinyl with Textured Surface

  Available in Multiple Colors

  Fits Most Cars

  Wholesale Pricing Available

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