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Prevent Damage and Save Money

This slender protective guard is for vulnerable bumper sills on cars. It intercepts dropped objects to avoid nicks and scratches. It also helps conceal existing damage on bumpers for dealerships in a simple and affordable manner, without having to paint the bumper.

Bumper Protect Pro Features

Intercepts Dropped Objects

Bumper Protect Pro Features

Saves You From Costly Paint Touch-Ups

Bumper Protect Pro Features

Helps Conceal Existing Damage


Lightweight and Weatherproof

Dimensions: 3″ wide x 30″, 35″, & 39″ Long

Resilient vinyl with an attractive pebble textured external surface

Sticks to the bumper sill with an adhesive peel-off paper backing

Automatically self-adjusts to the contours of the bumper for a precise fit


Protection from scratches, dents, dings and other damage

Eliminates the need to pay for expensive touch-ups and repairs

Appealing and easy to install

Fashionable design that has a natural appearance

Adaptable for use with both new and existing vehicles

Bumper Protect Pro Diagram
Bumper Protect Pro Products

Compatible Vehicles

Bumper Protect Pro will fit most cars with painted bumpers as well as most plastic bumpers on SUV’s. See the list below to see a small selection of makes & models.

Toyota: Camry, Corolla, Avalon, Rav-4

Kia: Forte, Optima, Cadenza

Mazda: Mazda 6, Mazda 3, Mazda CX-3, Mazda CX-5, MAzda CX-9

Honda: Accord, Civic

Nissan: Altima, Versa, Sentra

Also Fits: BMW, Subaru, Hyundai, Chevy, ford, Scion, Dodge, Audi & more!


Bumper Protect Pro: Available Colors

Bumper Protect Pro Currently has two colors available to choose from. More are coming soon!

Bumper Protect Pro White


Bumper Protect Pro Grey


Bumper Protect Pro Black


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