Orlando Bumper Guards And Bumper Protectors

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Orlando Bumper Guards And Bumper Protectors For Your Vehicle!

Over time paint can scratch, chip, crack or dent causing the value of a vehicle to decrease and the overall appearance to diminish. Bumper Protect Pro's peel and stick durable bumper protectors can help you reduce damage and improve the appearance of almost any vehicle!

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Easy Installation & Maximum Durability

Bumper Protect Pro is proud to offer our premium & easy to install bumper guards and bumper protectors to help keep your vehicle looking brand new! A car trunk experiences substantial use throughout the lifetime of a vehicle, meaning that the objects traveling in and out of it can cause damage to the bumper of your car.

Bumper Protect Pro Colors
Bumper Protect Pro Colors

Multiple Bumper Guard Styles & Colors Available

Our Orlando Bumper Guards And Bumper Protectors are manufactured in two styles - straight edge & curved edge, providing the ability to fit almost any model and make. Best of all, multiple colors are available to choose from to customize the appearance of your vehicle keeping it looking beautiful while staying protected at all times! All styles & colors are constructed from resilient vinyl with an attractive pebble texture that has an adhesive peel-off paper backing for effortless installation. Bumper Protect Pro Bumper Guards & Bumper Protectors are also great for concealing existing damage eliminating the need for costly touch-ups and repairs. See a complete overview of the Features And Benefits available by browsing the site!

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Bumper Protect Pro is rapidly expanding its coverage through wholesale partnerships with local Dealers And Distributors. Our products are backed by our dedication to supporting sales through multiple marketing channels, meaning consumers will want our products prior to entering your store. Our goal is to continue establishing demand and helping our partners thrive off of our Products. To inquire about becoming a Bumper Protect Pro partner, simply fill out the contact form on our Dealers & Distributors page along with a valid tax certificate and we'll be happy to assist you in getting set up.


Lightweight and Weatherproof

Dimensions: 3" wide x 30", 35", & 39" Long

Resilient vinyl with an attractive pebble textured external surface

Sticks to the bumper sill with an adhesive peel-off paper backing

Automatically self-adjusts to the contours of the bumper for a precise fit


Protection from scratches, dents, dings and other damage

Eliminates the need to pay for expensive touch-ups and repairs

Appealing and easy to install

Fashionable design that has a natural appearance

Adaptable for use with both new and existing vehicles

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